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In Anglada Pumps we manufacture gear pumps of stainless steel as well as of other material. Our flexibility allows us to offer infinite combinations to obtain their best performance. The gear pumps Anglada are indicated for the functioning in the most varied industrial sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, ink and painting, paper and cardboard, textile, food or transport.
We also provide ATEX-certified gear pumps.

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The stainless steel gear pumps of the PM series have a wide range of models that allow the transfer of various types of liquids. With a medium flow, their capacity ranges from 25 liters per minute to 280 liters per minute. Anglada Pumps gear pumps are suitable for working in the most diverse industrial sectors thanks to the versatility of their settings.

E-Catalogue PM Series

Small Doses

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The stainless steel gear pumps of the PT series have a wide range of models that allow the transfer of various types of liquids. Their capacity ranges from 1 liter per minute to 18 liters per minute. Thanks to their compact design, these gear pumps allow the handling of small dosages of the most diverse types of liquids in the most diverse industrial sectors.

E-Catalogue PT Series

Magnetic Drive

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The AM series magnetic drive pumps have a wide range of models that allow the transfer of various types of liquids mainly when their sealing becomes difficult with the use of mechanical seals. Their capacity ranges from 3 liters per minute to 130 liters per minute, which makes them suitable for working in a wide range of applications thanks to the magnetic drive that provides a closed and totally watertight circuit, eliminating possible fluid leaks and reducing maintenance.

E-Catalogue AM Series

Magnetic Drive

Micro Doses

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The AM series magnetic drive micro-pumps provide flow rates that oscillate between 0.5 l/minute up to 2.2 l/minute and are suitable for working in environments that require a controlled flow. Thanks to their safety, reliability and easy maintenance, they can work in a wide range of applications. In addition, the Micro AM series can be built with different materials to suit the needs of each application in the most varied industrial sectors such as; chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, textile and food industry.


Micro AM Series

Chocolate and Derivatives

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The PM V103 gear pump was designed for transfer and dose chocolate and its derivatives. These applications require temperature control to keep all their properties and characteristics. The PM V103 are completely modular and are adapted to the needs of each customer and can provide flow rate between 2,5 litres per minute to 46 litres per minute.

E-Catalogue PM V103 Series

High Flow

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The gear pumps in stainless steel or cast iron of the BQ series allow the transfer of high flows of liquids from the most diverse industrial sectors. Their standard capacity is 300 liters per minute but it can be adjusted by using a gear motor unit. These gear pumps are suitable for working in the most diverse industrial sectors thanks to their high transfer capacity.

E-Catalogue BQ Series

Medium Flow

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The stainless steel gear pumps of the MB series have a wide range of models that allow the transfer of various types of liquids. With a medium flow, their capacity ranges from 25 liters per minute to 100 liters per minute.