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Our technical department is specialized in the design and manufacture of customized solutions for various sectors and specific technical needs of our customers.

Mecanica Anglada analyses your needs giving a quick solution from our standard products. In the case of specifying certain adaptations or a customization, the following process is followed: How we work:

Customization of the product: Mecànica Anglada identifies the needs of the customer in the process of adaptation of the product to determine the technical specifications and modifications that will be carried out.
Technical options: Mecànica: Anglada elaborates the technical proposal and provides the customers with a report that includes the 3D design and a list of the characteristics of the product when modified. In this process, the possibility of adapting and transforming the standard product to the agreed needs has to be agreed.
Validation of the project: In the validation of the project, the customers check that all the requirements meet their needs. Once validated, the design and the final report are sent.
Manufacturing of the prototype: Once the project has been totally validated, the prototype manufacturing process begins and exhaustive tests are carried out to verify its correct operation.
Technical manual: Sending the technical manual and technical memory report of the final product.
Industrialization of the solution: A stock of the product and the corresponding spare parts are made according to the customer's needs.